• Unlimited trading period
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Clear and simple rules
  • Low fees
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Withdraw your profit after 14 days
  • Profit share up to 90% and at lest 80%
  • Customer support in 17 languages
  • Slow Livechat support
  • Strict requirements for the test period
  • Maximum 2 accounts with $200,000

Who is FTMO?

The idea to start the FTMO project, which was initially called, began in 2014 in a small Prague office where a handful of young daytraders, including the future founders, joined their forces. You can see us in the picture on the left. We were contributing to each other’s trading system as well as bringing up different ideas about money and risk management.

FTMO Proprietary Trading firm where you can remotely manage an FTMO Account with a balance of up to 400,000 USD. Your journey to get there might be challenging, but our educational applications, account analysis, and performance coach are here to help you on the endeavor to financial independence.

Traders at FTMO are encouraged to be successful in their careers. The main priority that they expect from their clients is that they are disciplined individuals who properly manage risk and focus on long-term consistency. They allow them to earn high profits by managing account sizes up to $2,000,000 and taking home profit splits of up to 90%. They can achieve this by trading Forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

FTMO Website

FTMO Website

Their headquarters are located at Opletalova 1417/25 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic.


Funding program options

FTMO Evaluation Process

FTMO Challenge

FTMO Challenge is the first step of the Evaluation Process. You need to succeed here to advance into the Verification stage. Prove your trading skills and discipline in observing the Trading Objectives.


Verification is the second and the last step towards becoming an FTMO Trader. Once you pass the Verification stage and your results are verified, you will be offered to trade for our Proprietary Trading Firm.

FTMO Trader

FTMO Proprietary Trading firm. Trade responsibly and consistently and receive up to 90% of your profits. If you consistently generate profits on your FTMO Account, we can scale your account according to our Scaling Plan.

FTMO Evaluation

$10,000 account €155

$25,000 account €250

$50,000 account €345

$100,000 account €540

$200,000 account €1080

FTMO evaluation plan unlimited trading period

FTMO Challenge Aggressive

$10,000 account €250

$25,000 account €345

$50,000 account €540

$100,000 account €1080

FTMO aggressive unlimited trading days

Unlimited trading period

Unlimited trading period. Simply put, for many traders, some of the stress they had when trading with a fixed trading period will be removed. Making money in Forex is generally not easy and achieving a 10% return in one month can already be a chore for many traders. In an open-ended trading period, there is no need to rush into trades, it is much easier to think about position sizes, wait for the right time to enter, and then let the trades do their work.

The best trading conditions

FTMO Solution with a wide choice of assets across the board, with very low commissions and super-raw spreads.

Leverage 1:100

Use professional trader’s leverage to your advantage with no imposed limits on position sizing.

No limits on trading style!

Trade your own trading strategy with no limits or restrictions. You can use EAs, hedging or trade discretionary.

One-time fee only

No recurrent charges, no membership or other hidden fees. Moreover, the fee is automatically reimbursed to you with the first Profit Split.

Trade every instrument you want

Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks, Bonds.

Payout System

The default payout ratio for all FTMO Traders is set to 80:20, however, an 80% share is not where we draw the line. All FTMO Traders can request payout on-demand. The payout can be processed just after 14 days, but you also have the ability to choose your own Profit Split Day, which can be even changed up to three times. In conclusion, we make sure that you will always receive your withdrawal on your most convenient day.

Trading Platforms

At FTMO trading solution in the form of our MT4, MT5, and cTrader accounts powered by data feed directly from our pool of prime liquidity providers. We do our best to simulate the real market conditions with super-raw spreads, very low commission, and no markup to all demo trading accounts with virtual funds.

What makes FTMO different from other prop firms?

FTMO is different from most industry-leading prop firms due to their positive reputation and the large variety of funding programs they offer. 

You can choose from a 2-step evaluation challenge with normal or aggressive risk making it an excellent option for day traders looking to work with an account of $200,000 with the capability to scale it up. Compared to other firms, FTMO has an average profit target of 10% in step one and 5% in step two.

Another option is a 2-step swing evaluation challenge with normal or aggressive risk making it an excellent option for a large variety of traders since swing accounts allow news trading and weekend holdings.

Another difference from most prop firms is that payouts are available bi-weekly, which means every 14 days with a high-profit split of up to 90%. You are also allowed to use EA’s.

In conclusion, funding from FTMO can be acquired by many different traders due to the various trading strategies they can use. You should focus on fulfilling the profit target while not exceeding the maximum daily loss and maximum total loss limits.

Is getting FTMO capital realistic?

It’s essential to see how realistic the trading requirements are when looking at prop firms that best suit your forex trading style. For example, a company offering a high profit split on a highly funded account sounds great, but if they expect high gains per month with low maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

After considering all of that, FTMO is an excellent choice to get funded with. This is because you need to pass an Evaluation Process made out of two steps.

The rules for the Evaluation Process are realistic since the Profit Target in step one is 10% 20% aggressive risk) and in step two, only 5% 10% aggressive risk with a maximum daily loss of 5% 10% aggressive risk and maximum total loss of 10% 20% aggressive risk. You can also hold trades overnight and use EAs (news trading and weekend holding allower on swing accounts).

Which broker does FTMO use?

FTMO doesn’t trade with common broker brands. They are partnered with a liquidity provider that supplies the institutional data feed with the direct market access execution model on their live corporate accounts.

As for trading platforms, you can choose from the following:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • cTrader

Trading instruments

FTMO allows you to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies with a 100:1 leverage on all accounts except swing accounts, where you are allowed to use 30:1 leverage.


FTMO Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, they have a large variety of their community commenting and giving positive feedback with a great score of 4.9/5 out of 5,242 reviews, verified company. They also have a fast and reliable support team that will provide you with all the necessary information you require from them or if you are unsure of anything.

ftmo trustpilot


FTMO has a FAQ page to find the information you require.

The support team is available on their social media, or you can directly contact them by emailing

Their customer support team is available 24/7 for emails, live chat, and WhatsApp. They communicate in 15 languages – English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Czech, Hindi, Filipino, Vietnamese, Slovenian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Russian.


In conclusion, FTMO is a legitimate prop firm offering funding upon completion of the Evaluation Process for traders worldwide. With funding from $10,000 up to $200,000 per account in balance with a high 80% profit split, bi-weekly payments, and straightforward trading rules, it’s an excellent firm for undercapitalized traders seeking investors for their trading.

Trading requires unquestionable discipline. FTMO has risk management guidelines to promote the trader’s discipline by establishing distinct Trading Objectives. Having a larger account size to manage also gives you a convenient area for sophisticated trade management and psychological respite from trading with a smaller account size.

With their 2-step evaluation, you can choose between a classic program and a swing program where you can trade news and hold positions over the weekend. You can then specify your account further to normal or aggressive risk. With all that being said and an excellent scaling plan with a potential of up to $2,000,000 per trader, FTMO can favor all types of traders.

I would recommend FTMO to anyone who has been reaching consistent results for a more extended period. They have been operating since September 2015, so you can find many reviews and comments about their positive features compared to other prop firms on Trustpilot.

This review about FTMO was lastly updated on 7/17/2023 at 17:00 (CE(S)T).