• Real accounts
  • Up to $3,840,000 funded account
  • Instant funding
  • Traders community
  • Live trading room for their clients
  • Low leverage 6:1, 10:1 & 30:1
  • 50% Profit share
  • 1.5% Max stop loss risk limit on low-risk account typest
  • 1% Max stop loss risk limit on $100K Bootcamp account type
  • Limited trading instruments (only forex)

Who are The5%ers?

The5%ers is a Funded Trading Company and Growth Program. We provide unique career enhancers for worldwide Forex traders, including a hyper growth plan to boost capital levels and earn profits. Our fund was established by professional forex traders, whose visions were to create an open career-building platform for forex traders.

The5%ers give instant funding to successful traders. You can choose from various trading programs to show them you have what it takes to trade their capital up to $4 million and keep 50% of profits.

The5%ers provides its clients with unique career enhancers, including a hyper-growth plan to boost capital levels and earn high profits. They encourage their traders to reach financial freedom, no matter their background or where they come from.

In 2016, The5%ers Funding Traders & Growth Program was launched and made available to the public, aiming to provide full-time traders with readily available and accessible capital.

Individual forex traders can get capital from The5%ers instead of retail trading accounts as they are not a broker themselves. The ability to trade on their platform is a privilege reserved for traders with advanced skills. Trading with their fund provides exceptional benefits such as a fully funded account, no risks or additional fees, and an aggressive growth strategy.

The5%ers Website

Website The5%ers

Where are The5%ers registered?

Five percent online Ltd. incorporated in the state of Israel.

Company Number 515864007 and Five Percent Online LTD. incorporated in the UK

the5ers ltd

Funding options

Bootcamp Program

The5%ers presents the first low-entry-cost challenge, where you can prove your trading skills,
and pay the rest only once you’ve passed.

Demo trade to show your skill

Entry cost for $100K, $95 for $250K, $225.

Leverage 1:10

No minimum days or trades requirements

Maximum time to complete the 3 stages: unlimited.

Challenge the5ers

Traders that have started $100K Bootcamp, will get a 75/25 payout ratio from the second stage up until $2M before it is increased.

Traders that have started at $250K Bootcamp, will get a 75/25 payout ratio from the second stage up until $2M before it is increased.

bootcamp the5ers

Hyper Growth Program

The program with the highest success rate in the industry, trade with no time pressure and grow your account up to $4,000,000.

hypergrowth program the5ers

Double your funded account on every target, the profit target, maximum loss, and daily pause remain the same for the funded stages, holding open trades over the weekend is allowed, growth up to $4M, leverage 1:30, platform: MT5 in desk, web and mobile version, no minimum trades or days requirements for completing level 1, complete level 1 immediately when reaching the profit target, first payout 14 days after receiving a fully funded account, and every 2 weeks after that.

The growth plan

10K Funded Trader

growthplan the5ers

20K Funded Trader

growthplan the5ers 20k

40K Funded Trader

the growth plan the5ers 40k

High Stakes Challenge

Pass the 2-step evaluation and receive the best growth plan available.

$5k account for $39

$20k account for $165

$60k account for $300

$100k account for $495

high stake challenge


Leverage 1:1000, assets available: FX, metals, indices, platform: MT5 Hedge, profit split 80% to 100%, scaling up to $500,000, first payout 14 days after receiving a funded account, the daily loss is 5% of the starting equity of the day OR the starting balance of they day, the maximum number of active accounts per trader: 1x$5 account + 1x any other account.

The Scaling Plan

scaling plan the5ers
scaling plan the5ers 2

What makes The5%ers different from other prop firms?

The5%ers are different from most industry-leading firms due to having no Evaluation Processes. You get funded instantly, and you have no minimum trading days and minimum position requirements.

A huge difference is that you can hold trades over the weekend, overnight, and during news releases. You are also allowed to use indicators and EAs.

In conclusion, The5%ers offers instant funding by purchasing one of the three account types. Still, it would be best to consider the stop-out limits for every account, which you cannot surpass. On the other hand, a required stop-loss on every open trade potentially reduces the risk of hitting the maximum stop-out limit.

Is getting The5%ers capital realistic?

It’s essential to see how realistic the trading requirements are when looking at prop firms that best suit your forex trading style. For example, a company offering a high profit split on a highly funded account sounds great, but if they expect high gains per month with low maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

After considering all of that, The5%ers is an excellent choice to get funded with. This is because you have no Evaluation Processes to complete. The only rule you have to follow is the maximum stop-out limit while trying to reach profit targets of 6/7% on low-risk accounts and 12% on aggressive accounts.

These profit targets become higher upon completion of level one. Low-risk account profit target is increased to 10%, while aggressive account profit target becomes 25%. Each time a profit target is reached, you double up and scale the account up to $1,280,000.

You can use indicators and EAs. Overnight holding, weekend holding, and news trading are also allowed, which is excellent for every trader looking to scale up their account and work with capital up to $3,840,000 in the long term.

Benefits with The5%ers

beneftis with the5ers

Which brokers do The5%ers use?

The5%ers don’t trade with common broker brands. They trade directly through a commercial Liquidity Provider who gives them Direct Market Access. The5%ers trading activities are executed via the STP Market Execution through their broker. They have incorporated an ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure into their platform.

As for trading platforms, they allow you to trade on:

  • MetaTrader 4
metatrader4 the5ers
  • MetaTrader 5
metatrader5 the5ers

Trading instruments

The5%ers allows its clients to trade all forex majors, forex majors crossings, and gold & silver.


The 5%ers Trustpilot

The5%ers have excellent feedback from reviews. They have 1,141 reviews and a great score of 4.8/5.

On Trustpilot, they have a large variety of their community commenting and giving positive feedback with an incredible score of 4.8/5 out of 1,141 reviews. They also have a reliable support team that will provide you with all the necessary information you require from them or if you are unsure of anything.

Traders’ comments about The5%ers

The5%ers trustpilot


The5%ers have a FAQ page where you might find the information that you are missing.

The support team is available on their social media, or you can directly contact them by email at  


In conclusion, The5%ers offers instant funding with the option to choose from low-risk and aggressive account types ranging from $6,000 to $20,000, which can be scaled up to $1,280,000. For completing level one, you get rewarded with a profit split of 50%, with your primary goal being to hit a Profit Target of 6/7% on low-risk accounts and 12% on aggressive accounts.

Overall, The5%ers is one of the leading prop trading firms. They offer the quickest capital development scheme, have fewer limitations, more currency assets available for trading, enable position holding over the weekend and 24/5 continuous trading, with no daily loss limits

Your account balance gets multiplied times four, and from then on to a balance of $1,280,000, you can double and scale up your low-risk accounts by reaching a profit target of 10% and your aggressive accounts by reaching a profit target of 25%.

Another newer program that you can choose is the $100K Bootcamp program, where you have an account with three demo stages to complete.

The leverage of the challenge is 10:1, and throughout the challenge, you are rewarded with a profit split of 50%-80%, depending on the stage. Upon successful completion, you obtain a trading stage account for $100K on stage one with the possibility to scale up to $4,000,000, which is stage 17. 

The registration cost is reasonable and the conditions are transparent. Any aspiring funded trader can join The5%ers programs to obtain a fully funded account that doubles at each milestone and speed up their forex trading right away.

The last and newest funding program is the Freestyle. It is based on executing 100 trades. The freestyle program costs €550 which gets you a starting balance of $50k. Your checkpoint is 100 trades where you have two objectives: the performance factor has to be 2 or above and the winning factor has to be 30 or above. The leverage of the challenge is 30:1.

They offer excellent conditions with instant funding and a small number of limitations for various traders with different strategies. Your primary focus must be on the maximum stop-out and maximum stop-loss risk limit.

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