• Free Trial
  • Leverage 1:100
  • Profit share 80%
  • Weekend positions
  • No regulations on your trading style
  • No minimal trading days
  • Platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Competitive profit targets
  • High commission costs
  • High evaluation account prices

Who are True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds is the fastest-evolving proprietary trading firm with an extensive vision that comprises groundbreaking technology and modern solutions for traders who are keen to advance in their careers. Our funding program grants you up to $400,000 upon successfully passing our 2-Phase Evaluation Process and the company can directly cover your potential losses.

Our clear vision allows us to motivate traders by helping them move forward with easily understandable rules and user-friendly Profit Targets. The True Forex Funds Customer Service Support Team provides the best possible user experience available in the market with instant response times during business hours.

High Profit Splits – Traders are entitled to an 80% profit share of what they achieve. Platforms – MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Weekend positions overnight and weekend traders are welcome.

Their distinct vision enables, them to inspire traders by assisting them in moving forward with clear trading rules and realistic profit targets. During business hours, the True Forex Funds customer service, support team offers some of the best customer experiences on the market with quick response.

True Forex Funds Website

True Forex Funds website

True Forex Funds also introduced a $2.5 million scaling-up plan. This initiative allows traders to expand their funds, as they also strengthen their trading skills and confidence.

True Forex Funds is a registered company under the name True Proprietary Funds Kft., with an ID number of 08-09-033732 and a VAT identification number of HU27478930. Their offices are located at Móricz Zsigmond 1/B. ground floor 14, 9022 Győr, Hungary.

Funding program options

True Forex Funds – Configure your account

$10,000 account for €89

$25,000 account for €189

$50,000 account for €299

$100,000 account for €499

$200,000 account for €998

Account configure True Forex Funds

How it works

To gain access to our company’s capital, traders are required to pass a 2-Phase Evaluation Program. For this, you simply need to demonstrate your skills by achieving our realistic Profit Targets and since True Forex Funds is seeking talented individuals, we have set a few simple Trading Objectives that traders have to follow.

phase 1 and 2 true forex funds

Phase – 1

True Forex Funds offers an inclusive deal for all traders in Phase 1, with 8% profit target to reach within 30 calendar days, on all accounts. Moreover, we have amicable solutions for our clients to trade at their convenience.

8% Profit Target

0 Minimum trading days

5% Maximum Daily loss

10% Maximum overall loss

Trading period up to 30 days

Registration fee

Phase – 2

Phase 1 was an eye-opener for the possibilities one can achieve with Proprietary capital. Phase 2 is built to secure favorable trading behaviors amongst constant profitability, a systematic approach to trading, and assurance toward us of your dedication.

5% Profit Target

0 Minimum trading days

5% Maximum Daily loss

10% Maximum Overall loss

Trading period up to 60 days


Funded Trader

The path to becoming a Funded Trader is simple yet crucial. You must pass our 2-Phase Evaluation process and follow our trading rules. Once you’ve successfully navigated through these phases, you will be part of our Funded Program. To show our commitment towards your success, we refund your registration fee upon becoming a trader in our Funded Program.

80/20 Profit Split

No minimum trading days

5% Maximum Daily loss

10% Maximum Overall loss

Trading Period – indefinite

Refundable registration fee

What is the Max Overall Loss at True Forex Funds?

The Max Overall Loss at True Forex Funds is set at 10% of the initial deposit. This means that your equity cannot decline by more than 10% of your initial deposit during the entire trading period.

What is the Max Daily Loss at True Forex Funds?

The Max Daily Loss at True Forex Funds is set at 5% of the initial deposit. This means that your starting equity for the day can’t fall by more than 5% of the initial deposit within a single day.

What makes True Forex Funds different from any other prop firm? 

True Forex Funds is different from most of the industry leading prop firms due to never regulating your trading style. For example one of the allowed styles is weekend position holding.

Compared, to other prop firms, True Forex Funds also offers a high 1:100 leverage and a relatively low-profit target of 8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2. Comparing that to FTMO which also has an Evaluation Process made out of Phase 1 with a Profit Target of 10% and Phase 2 with a Profit Target of 5%. The Evaluation Process also has no minimum trading days which makes it possible to complete in a way shorter period than at other prop firms. 

Another difference from most prop firms is that payouts are available bi-weekly, which means every 14 days with a high-profit split of 80%.

In short, getting funding from True Forex Funds can be acquired by a lot of different strategies, since they NEVER regulate your trading style as long as you don’t surpass their loss limits.

Is getting True Forex Funds capital realistic?

When looking at prop firms that best suit you and your forex trading style, it’s important to look at how realistic the trading requirements are. For example, a company offering a high-profit split on a highly funded account sounds great but if they expect high gains per month with low % maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

After adding all of that into consideration True Forex Funds is a great choice to get funded with. This is because you need to pass an Evaluation Process made out of 2 Phases.

Payment proof

paymentprof true forex funds

True Forex Funds is a relatively new prop firm which means that there is still a small amount of information about payment proof, their Trustpilot is rated 4.6/5 from 221 reviews

Which broker does True Forex Funds use?

True Forex Funds is currently offering IC Markets as a Broker. They were founded in 2007, in Australia, and even over a decade later they are still one of the largest standing True ECN Brokers in the industry. Their headquarters are located in Sydney.

ig markets true forex funds

They are offering a legitimate experience for forex traders with tight spreads, cheap trading fees, deep liquidity, and fast execution in the industry. All of that plus their high leverage and focus to prioritize client safety of funds has made this company expand massively over the last decade.

Trading instruments

True Forex Funds offers a large variety of Trading Instruments. You are allowed to trade every forex pair, indices, metals, crypto, and oil.

True Forex Funds Trustpilot

True Forex Funds has excellent feedback from their community. 

On Trustpilot, they have a large variety of their community commenting and giving positive feedback with a great score of 4.7/5 out of 1,620 reviews. Most of their community is impressed by their customer support and the simplicity of their terms and rules. In the reviews, their community mostly mentions their fast and reliable customer support and the practicality of the system.

Traders comment about True Forex Funds

true forex funds trustpilot


True Forex Funds has a FAQ page where you might find the information that you are missing, if not you should contact their support team or join their Discord channel.

The support team is available on their social media or you can directly contact them by emailing 

For further information and communication with the rest of the True Forex Funds community, you should join their Discord channel so you are constantly up to date.


In summary, True Forex Funds is a legitimate prop firm offering funding upon completion of the Evaluation Process for traders all around the world. With funding from $10,000 up to $400,000/trader or strategy in balance before scaling up, a high 80% profit split, bi-weekly payments, and relaxed trading rules, it’s a great firm for undercapitalized traders seeking investors for their trading.

I would recommend True Forex Funds for anyone who has been reaching consistent results for a while and is looking to scale up his capital. While they are still a relatively new firm, they are offering great conditions for a big pool of different styles of trading for individuals.

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