Fidelcrest Black Friday Special

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Get 2 Trading Challenge Accounts, only pay for 1

Our Black Friday Offer starts today 23.11.2022 18:00 EET and is valid until 30.11.2022 23:59.

Offer Details

  • Offer is available for all Micro Trader and Pro Trader account types (Initial capital from $10K to $1M)
  • You will receive two same types of Challenge Accounts and can start trading anytime within 14 days after the receiving your accounts.
  • 2nd Account of the same size and type will be automatically delivered upon account purchase.
  • You are allowed to trade all your challenge accounts on the same strategy as long as the combined initial capital does not exceed USD 2,000,000
  • Bonus options such as Double Your Capital, Fast-Track or 2nd free are not available for the duration of the Black Friday Offer, if  promo code BLACK-2FOR1 is used.

Fidelcrest is a prop firm that provides funding for traders worldwide with up to $1,000,000 in capital. Traders can start receiving profit split payouts during the Verification Stage (Step 2).

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